Thursday, 17 April 2014

Skull print? Peacocks? Mesh? Add to Cart!

If you spend more than 2 or 3 days in a gym or studio, all workout gear tends to look a bit same-same. Is that the 40th Lululemon top I've seen today? Is everyone advertising for Lorna Jane now? I don't understand! Is she paying you?
Anywhoo. I'm just as guilty of doing this. I am a dedicated Nike girl - no other trainers fit and last as perfectly and look as good. Well, other than North Face when I went on an experimental bend! They were purple and silver - what was I to do?

If you're excited by prints and a quirky sense of humour, I'm letting you in on a secret. Onzie not only makes amazing yoga outfits, but they have a whole gallery of people wearing their gear in action! Not models - yogis! And they're just as amazingly beautiful - if not more so. So inspiring! My favourites here. My order is in - can't wait to show you what I picked!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bangs For Your Buck

I know I fooled most of you! I am channeling Jessica Biel's amazingly tame fringe.

Yes, I'm a sucker for a fringe. It says "chic" and it reminds me of my desperate desire to resemble Jennifer Keyte when I was young and she was a channel 7 newsreader with a killer, shiny bob and perfectly straight fringe.

If your hair, like mine, refuses to be tamed OR if you're flirting with whether to get a fringe cut, take my advice. Get a clip in. Lady Jayne Fringe Hair Extension at Priceline $24.99

Monday, 14 April 2014

Fit Makeup - No Shining Here

I have to admit, and clearly I have a one-track mind, when I saw Maybelline's FIT makeup, I thought "Great! Makeup perfect for a workout!"

Actually, it is about makeup that "fits" your skin shade. It's quite high-tech and smart. So, because it's way cheaper than most Fit tools (you could buy a CAR for all those watches and gadgets!), I suggest you invest in shine-free FIT me and save the big dollars for the Porsche Cayenne.

My shade is somewhere between 115 and 120 (depending on whether I have fake-tanned!). If you have olive skin, you need the 200 range and darker skin, the 300. Super affordable and you can say you've invested in your FITness. Well done.

Maybelline FIT Me!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Eating Disorder Not A Life Sentence

I really ummed and ahhhed over this one. I think it's important to be honest and to kick a few myths and misunderstandings to the curb.
From the age of 17, I've struggled with eating disorders - for many years I managed to maintain an acceptable-looking weight so doctors assured me there was nothing serious to worry about. Close to four years ago, I was admitted to a public hospital in Melbourne with anorexia nervosa. My weight was dangerously low and I wasn't able to hold a job or enjoy a social life or relationships or really, anything much! I had completed my university degree and worked in several enviously hard-to-get positions in media and multimedia, but my preoccupation with my weight and body made it difficult to take any joy or fulfillment in my jobs.

My weight is now in the healthy range, and I no longer look ill, but like many women, I struggle with my expectations of appearance and I have to be vigilant about looking after myself. That means not exercising as a chore and a punishment. That means recognising when my self-talk is driven by fear and anger and anxiety and coming to my own defense! It also means recognising when a person, or people, around you are not part of your healthy life. Then you have to make some choices about who you spend your time with, what you spend your time doing and what matters.

I can't change my past, and believe it or not, I'm really grateful for having had to recognise that my body is vulnerable and I can either drive it into an early grave or make it super-strong and (hopefully) motivate and inspire other people to find joy in being active and nourishing themselves. So when I teach, it is with the knowledge that what I'm sharing is about grace and balance and strength. I'm not perfect, I'm still battling, and I think it's ok to admit that.

What I'd like to get across, to the girls who are struggling too, is that everyone and their dog has an opinion and in the fitness industry, they are especially keen to share their opinion on your body. But it actually doesn't matter - it's an opinion and they're totally free. A bit like the crap that comes in Happy Meals. You can just toss it out and carry on - sometimes it's easier. Some days it's not.

A girl I was in hospital with all those years ago is now a participant in one of my classes, and while it is confronting sometimes, it's also a reminder that we're not defined by our weaknesses or our past. What I know about my body and how much I LOVE being strong and flexible is largely the result of knowing how completely miserable it is to have no energy and protruding bones. While to this girl, I look "big!", I know that actually, I'm just not sick-looking anymore and I'm glad. I hope that as a teacher, I'm able to inspire the women and men who come to my classes to really enjoy and appreciate their bodies - whatever size and shape they are.

I choose to teach because I really, really love it. How I spend my time, and who I spend it with has become 100% more vital to me. I hope you think about whether your job gives you meaning and joy - it's never too late to change and explore until you find it.

If you do nothing else - please don't comment on other peoples' weight. Whether they can hear you or not. It's not your business and it can do way more harm than good. Surely you can find some other quality that is much more worthy of your opinion?

Butterfly Foundation
Eating Disorders Victoria

Pastel Shades - Illamasqua

 Illamasqua is my addiction and I'm not alone - it's a cult favourite of anyone who loves makeup, colours, creativity and artistry in fashion and cosmetics.
I am lucky to have snared a moment with Frances Cutri, international ambassador for the brand, to get her recommendations on how to use my favourite colour pigments (love these! you can use for lips, eyes, cheeks - mix and match). The beauty of the pigments is you can use a little for the subtlest hint or build it up for a full-on lilac attack. I can draw or paint for hours - that pure joy of colours and details! If you're the same, make a beeline for Illamasqua at Myer. Also see their website.
I highly recommend that you follow Frances Cutri on Instagram - she is both stunning and an incredible makeup artist. See her work, left.

Vow pencil is perfect for the inner rim of the eye to cut out any redness and instantly brighten the eye. You can also use it under the brow to highlight and around the lips to make them appear bigger.
Androgen cream pigment is a warm orange tone and looks amazing on anyone with a warm complexion. It can be used on the eye, cheek and lip. It is also a great color correcter for cutting out any ashy shade or blue tones under the eye.
I am a shameless fan of In The Frow - check out how Victoria rocks Androgen! See images below.

Dab is a stunning soft purple. It is a cool tone and looks amazing on fair skin as an eye color, cheek or lip. It gives a very soft glowing look.
Cream pigments are also perfect as powder eyeshadow bases.

In The Frow: Illamasqua Androgen

Friday, 11 April 2014

Hip Hop Yoga

Do you love it? You can do this at Yoga 213 in Melbourne! The song is Jay Z "Already Home".

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yoga Activewear and Nike Outfits at Nordstrom

It's not my fault, I swear. A lovely girl in BodyPump last week had a killer Nike outfit on and I made the mistake of telling her how fabulous it was. She ordered it from Nordstrom and couldn't recommend them enough, so.... I stayed away for a week. A whole week. But now there's trouble. Here's my favourites! Go to Nordstrom to have a look - you'll be hooked.
ONZIE Low Rise Capri
NIKE Tadasana Low Rise Harem
Zella Leggings

C&C California Tights
Nike Leg-A-See Tights
Hard Tail Bootcut Pants
SOLOW Slouchy Capri Sweats
Nike Free Trainers

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Victoria's Secret Butt

Ok, don't quit your job and decide you'll pay off your mortgage by modelling lingerie RIGHT away. This video will not make you 7ft tall! But it does have some great ideas on training the gluteal muscles. What really works here is:

  • small pulses to fatigue the muscles
  • hitting different angles of the same group of muscles in sequence
  • using small weights for increased resistance
We do this sort of training in Ballet Sculpt - even if you're not training for vanity, having a strong butt supports your movement in daily activities and all sports. There's no downside to a strong butt!

Monday, 7 April 2014

I'm Grape-ly Serious

No, not an Autocorrect issue - I really mean it. Unless you've been hiding under a big rock, you'll know I LOVE purple. Every shade from lilac and mauve to queenly gothic almost-black purple and eggplant. So I've hunted around for my favourite purple shades and the best cleanser for really dry skin - those New Zealand beauty brands know how to harness nature for good (Antipodes)!
The Clinique lip chubby stick appears more pinky-toned in the photo than it really is. It comes up as a gorgeous just-darker-than-natural tone that flatters EVERY skin colour. Links below!

Clinique Chubby Stick Instense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm "Grandest Grape"

Clinique All About Shadow Duo in "Beach Plum"

Illamasqua Cream Pigment "Dab"

OPI "A Grape Fit!" and "Anti Bleak"

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Charmene Yap - Sydney Dance Company

Charmene Yap is a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Dance in 2006 and has been working in Australia and internationally ever since.
A member of Sydney Dance Company since 2010, she won rave reviews and numerous accolades for her performance in 2 One Another - including 'Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer' in the 2013 Australian Dance Awards.
Her latest role is in Interplay, featuring choreography from Rafael Bonachela, Jacopo Godani and Gideon Obarzanek. It premieres at Southbank Theatre in Melbourne on 30th April, running until 10th May.
I caught her post-rehearsal in the SDC studios for this interview. 
Photo by Peter Greig 

If you look back to when you graduated in 2006, what have you learnt about life as a professional dancer that you would never have imagined as a student?
That’s a hard one! When I was in uni, I don’t know if I knew what it would be like anyway. I’ve taken each project and each company as it comes. After working with a few people, each company and each way of working is very different. It’s about the variety and the sense of self that you bring to each company and each choreographer. You’re not just a dancer or a mover, you’re a collaborator and a creator.
2.    What are your feelings on the dance community in Sydney and Australia generally? Is it competitive?
Photo by Peter Greig 
Yes. In Sydney, and every place I’ve been to, including Tasmania and Melbourne, each community is very different. It’s extraordinarily competitive between great dancers and great choreographers. There’s pockets of different things going on everywhere. In Melbourne, there’s a really quirky side to creating and in Sydney, it’s more athletic and movement-based. There’s very few jobs and very few grants.
It’s been a long journey for me so absolutely, there have been times where as your own boss, you’re continually trying to find the next thing and the next paycheque. I’m lucky now that I’m in one of the very few big dance companies in Australia. I had doubts about whether it was possible when I first started out! 
Have you ever struggled with your image and what services are in place for dancers to be educated and supported in maintaining a healthy weight and mental resilience through constant rehearsals, performances, rejections and media commentary?
That’s always a hard one because with dance, it is about the body. It’s your instrument really so it’s unavoidable not to think about it. In SDC, there’s many shapes and sizes. Contemporary dance is a little bit more lenient – there’s not a specific prototype body so in that way it’s a little bit less stressful! We have the benefit of working every day at SDC so we’re fit and healthy just from doing work. There is none of that pressure to be a certain weight or a certain look. It’s a very healthy image that we have. In saying that, I haven’t personally gone through anything dramatic image wise but the beauty of contemporary dance is you work with what you have. Everybody brings something different to the company which makes it interesting and diverse.
4.    You have achieved so much in dance. Are there any choreographers you want to work with or locations you’d like to dance in?
Photo by Wendell Teodoro
I don’t have anyone specifically that I want to work with. When I was younger I had more of a drive to move around and work with a huge variety. I feel like I’ve worked with a great range of choreographers just in Australia. I was always interested in the Forsythe way [German dance company] of moving and I’m open to anything really – dance theatre, having as many experiences as I can get. Visiting choreographers come into SDC and that’s great.
5.   Would you like to move into other areas of dance in the future – ie. Choreography, teaching or promotion?
This is a question that I keep asking myself. I definitely love design and architecture. Dance took me on a different path. In my own time, I do online courses and I enjoy keeping my brain working in a different way to dance. After dance, who knows? I have had a bit of teaching experience but I'm seeing how I go. I would like to go into design.
6.   Tell me about Interplay and what it means to be part of it.
Interplay is a triple bill. Two are world premiere new works. The first is by Rafael Bonachela with live violin. He has taken some music by Bach and created an ensemble work for us. The second is a remount of a work called Raw Models made in 2011 by Jacopo Godani. That has a new cast and Jacopo’s is a little bit more dark and energised. They’re very different. The last is Gideon Obarzanek [from Melbourne] – he came over and created this group work for us. All three are an insight into the broad range of contemporary dance. Hopefully the audiences will find something that they enjoy. It’s a big program and sometimes tiring but a very fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Hardware for your Hair

I don't shy away from a bit of shiny bling. And if it comes in pink? I'll take two. No, make it three.
Here's how to use Lady Jayne ponytail semi-cuff.
I've got one from The Metal Collection and a gorgeous pale pink from The Digital Romance Collection. Get yours from Priceline or Pharmacy Direct
Lady Jayne
Lady Jayne on Instagram
Brilliant Hair Inspiration Oh Hello Hair on Instagram

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Beyonce - Learn The Dances

If Justin Timberlake can do "Single Ladies", I think any of us can give it a whirl. My lovely friend Gen is one of the Bey Dancers - we're lucky in Melbourne to have a schedule of dance classes dedicated to Beyonce routines. Open to beginners and experienced dancers, the moves are built up in each class. That's right - nobody expects you to turn in Beyonce in one session.
Here's the timetable. Questions and to book, contact Liz by email
Need some more Beyonce inspiration? See

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Frizz-Free Gym Hair Ideas

I naturally have curly, frizzy hair. Every day, I workout. do I avoid being attacked by Feral Frizz?
By following these steps:

  1. Using really good shampoo and conditioner (Kerastase!)
  2. Heat Protect Spray $24
  3. ghd straighteners on SMALL sections of clean, dry hair (Step-By-Step Guide here!)
  4. Tying hair up to avoid sweating into it during a workout with snag-free ties
Once you're super smooth, you can plait it, knot it, twist and pin it. Working out and looking chic CAN happen together!

Stella McCartney x Adidas

Oh, how I wish money grew on trees so that I could own a luxury villa in Byron Bay and stock up on Stella McCartney's fashion-forward designs for Adidas. The best part? They are not only incredibly flattering and original, the fabrics, cuts and shapes are specifically engineered for optimum performance, even if it's just a jog to the corner coffee store. Since I am going to be a bit more budget-friendly, I'm going for these instead - love them?
adidas Women

My picks:

Monday, 24 March 2014

Free YMCA Passes and Fitness Discounts in April

I know that it can be a drain on the budget to keep fit - gym costs, sneakers, the latest Nike outfit... so hallelujah for the Premier's Active April initiative.
It's 100% free and easy to sign up and when you do, you get sent fitness and health ideas as often as you want.

A list of events you can participate in...Events

You also receive a card that entitles you to

  • 10 Free YMCA Passes (participating clubs listed)
  • 15% discount at Rebel Sport
  • Free Fitness Events
  • Prizes and Special Offers
This is a Victorian Government project to promote health and fitness - get on board.

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